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Learning report Lennart Heiner
Looking back on this first semester of the first year fine Arts at KABK some things have surprised me in positive ways and some things surprised me in negative ways. All in all I think even after this first short period I have a better idea of what I want to work on and where I want to develop.
To start off with the positive I think in general my learning went well. I was eager to work on most assignments and appreciated the feedback and conversations I had with the teachers. Since last year I didn’t enjoy the assignments and feedback as much (in prep year) this was very nice to notice. I feel like I have been taken a lot more serious, which made me take myself and my work a lot more serious too. Because of that I was excited to learn more and dive into new forms of art and subjects which I didn’t know I would be so interested by.
Because the subject matter is in most cases very much in my own hands, I tend to have a hard time sticking to one thing and being thorough in my work. In some cases I can get distracted or demotivated if the thing I have to do isn’t what I have in mind that I want to do. With some assignments that resulted in not enough work because I was neglectful or procrastinating too much. I have tried to redeem myself which sometimes resulted in something surprising I ended up liking, but still there is work lacking and time spent on the wrong things which is visible in my portfolio at the moment.
This semester I discovered how curious I actually am in so many more realms of art than I initially thought. I discovered new methods, materials and media that before seemed too big of a step to take. My inspiration sources grew a lot as well since now I look into more different artists and things in general than before.
This semester I learnt the technical side of things, like in painting to work with and learn about new materials, or tips and tricks about sculpting from observation. On the other hand I also learnt about how to approach thorough research about something as process to making an art piece, and to divide it in steps to create a full picture of a subject. I learnt to force myself to break boundaries and try out new things regardless of the outcome.
I would want to improve my learning attitude for next semester. I think I have been too neglectful too quickly when something didn’t go my usual way. In hindsight I wish I had pushed through more if I didn’t have ideas, think a bit more outside my own box and had my schedule better in hand to not have to hurry for a deadline. I also could have listened more to what the assignment wanted instead of what I wanted to make at that moment in order to get more useful feedback.
In conclusion, I feel like after this semester I am already improving but there is still a lot to work on.